Our Work

Chestnut Transom

We are a long-term owner-manager who fixes up, holds, and continually improves our properties. Often, the buildings we purchase are in distress due to neglect and lack of investment by previous owners. We have the experience to address the challenges these buildings bring. When we purchase a building, we have an established process to address and remove violations and improve living conditions. This requires significant investment of time and money, both of which we are committed to providing.

Why We Do It

We purchase and turn around buildings in communities that we feel are being underserved. We focus on areas in need of better-quality and reasonably-priced housing options, and we work to fill this gap.

There are increasingly few affordable housing options for working class households in New York. Our tenants are mostly working class families and our goal is to provide safer and more desirable housing by improving the buildings we own and manage. In areas such as the Bronx, we see many properties in need of improvement and feel our work can have a meaningful positive impact on the community.

Having A Positive Impact

We work not only to improve properties and buildings, but also to revitalize the surrounding neighborhood and positively impact the community. Through these efforts, we strive to provide the best possible quality of life for our tenants, and to make them feel safe and comfortable in the environment in which they live.

Building Success Stories